Actor Mark Wahlberg grew up in a working class background, but despite his life being extremely different now, following his success, he insists he has been able to stay grounded thanks to his friends and family.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, he said, “Obviously, I am still the same at the core. Just because you have money doesn’t really change you. Listen, I’ve always thought that at any time it could all go away and I could end up right where I came from. I have a lot of people keeping me grounded: my wife, my mother and my friends.”

Talking about how he manages to balance his hectic work schedule with his family life, he admitted, “Once I stopped going out at night, it was really easy to get everything accomplished in a day and still get eight hours of sleep. I’m in bed by eight or nine o’clock.”

Asked whether it’s difficult not to spoil his children, he replied, “It is and I do spoil them to a certain extent but they also understand that not a lot of people have this life. My kids like giving back. My daughter’s always telling me: ‘Pop, I’m going to take these toys to the hospital for the sick kids and the less fortunate.’ They still live in the real world but it’s a fine line. I certainly want my kids to have everything that I never had but you also want them to appreciate the value of things.

“They work really hard to succeed at the things that they’re interested in, whether it be sports or skating. But, yeah, it’s a weird thing. Nobody in my family, my parents or their parents, had money or success. I worked hard to get what I have and I still work hard every day.” [xx]