Mark Wahlberg’s Rise From Juvenile Criminal to International Superstar

Worldwide sensation Mark Wahlberg was born in 1971 and had a troubling youth that included the use and dealing of drugs. When jailed at the age of 16 for violently beating a man, he decided to turn his life around. During that 45 days, he began exercising and focusing his goals.

With the help of his older brother who was already a star, Marky Mark was born. The rap moniker came with a backup band known as the Funky Bunch. His brother Donnie produced their debut album which went platinum.

Thanks to his cut physique, Wahlberg was receiving plenty of attention which he gladly encouraged. He signed a contract with Calvin Klein to show off their underwear line and his rock hard abs for two years.

In 1993, questions arose regarding his violent past and whether or not he was a homophobic racist. This, along with poor sales from his second album which was released the previous year, seemed to indicate his career was over.

Rather than give up, Wahlberg changed his focus to acting, beginning with a made for television movie that year and hitting the big screen the next. He received great reviews from audiences and critics alike from the talent he brought to the field and quickly established himself as a worthy actor.

He gave up the Marky Mark name and persona, focusing solely on acting. During the early years of his career, he worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Danny DeVito and Burt Reynolds. During those years, not every film was a huge success but he continued to keep his name and face on the big screen.

In 1999, his career received a fantastic boost with the release of Three Kings. Wahlberg starred in the flick which was set in the Perian Gulf along with George Clooney, Ice Cube and Spike Jonze.

His career has continued to thrive and he has received Acadamy Award nominations for a couple of his works. He has dipped his hand in producing as well.

Mark Wahlberg has worked hard to rise from his troubled youth to become one of the most well-recognized actors in the world today. He has found love with his wife Rhea Durham. The couple has four children together and he continues to work on his career with acting and producing various works in his upcoming plans.